Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Celebration -- Not Much Trick or Treat, but Germans Still Celebrate

This would scare anyone
We attended the Frankfurt 2nd Ward dinner and trunk or treat on Saturday, October 24. The dinner was great. Although billed as a "chili supper" there was only one pot of something that looked like chili. I suppose someone from Portugal might think chili is made with lentils. Who knows?

The costumes were fun, especially from the British families. Janet tried to be scary, but came off comic.

There was some sort of party where young people were making a lot of noise on Halloween, and we saw one young man leaving our building as a zombie. Otherwise, Halloween seems to be a muted affair in Germany. It is a religious holiday and an official holiday in some German states, but it has nothing to do with little children dressing up as goblins or Harry Potter and there is no trick or treat.

A pretty good Draco Malfoy

One of the area senior couples looking very German

Musical chairs

This member of the primary presidency was really scary looking

The "wrap a mummy" contest
The trunk of treat was in the parking lot of the area offices. The cars were well decorated, and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. A few non-members joined us and didn't seem to know what to think of the costumes.

The mission car transformed

The Leimer van

Pretty cool spooky castle

Not so sure about the lighted candles in the trunk

Elder Newman wielding a lightsaber at the death star piƱata

Two families joined together to put on Star Wars in top fashion. Not the Wookie sleeping in his mom's arms.
On Halloween late, the tech elders who live downstairs and another pair who live in the building stopped by to trick or treat. We love these elders.
Elder Walker, Elder Frey, and Elder Pfleumer - Think we will retain this for blackmail.

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