Monday, December 7, 2015

Weeks are Flying By

The fall leaves are gone and it feels like winter
We will post later about our visit to some other recent Christmas markets and other activities. Last week we were busy every night of the week.

  • Monday - Met with the Young Single Adults for family home evening. It looks like this program will change, but we continue to do what we can to reach out. A couple of our young missionaries brought a young man named Justin whom they met on the street. He is from California, but he lives in Germany and works for a German company here. He participated in the short lesson we had that was led by Luca, our sweet Italian. Luca is going home to Italy soon, and we will miss him.
  • Tuesday - We joined three other couples and the mission president and his wife at a restaurant called Waldgeist (Spirit of the Woods) for dinner. This was sort of a farewell for Elder and Sister Fingerle, the German couple who have been working in the office with us. Sister Fingerle served for 7 years. We will miss them dearly. The portion sizes were extraordinary as you can see from the size of President Stoddard's hamburger. We love the Stoddards. He is a wonderful leader and it is inspiring to watch as he works with the young elders and sisters.
  • Wednesday - We visited Michelstadt and their Christmas market. We went down partly so that we could see Elder and Sister Woolsey before they leave for home. We will miss them, too. They started their mission at the Freiberg Temple and then were transferred to our mission when the temple closed for renovation. They have served faithfully and well supporting the Young Single Adults in Darmstadt and the branch in Michelstadt. Elder Woolsey served in the branch as the executive secretary.  
  • Thursday - We went shopping so that we could feed missionaries and Young Single Adults.
  • Friday - Jeff went with the district leader and his companion to teach a lesson. Then we fed the presidents' assistants. Finally, we both went to a teaching appointment with the assistants. We met with a young woman named Dori. She speaks German, Italian, and Spanish and understands English. We had Luca with us as well as a young returned missionary named Enid who is a German but who served her mission in Ohio. Dori has committed to be baptized this coming Wednesday, December 9, but she had some fears. We all joined in answering her questions. Sister Kirk wrapped her arms around her. She was so taken with Janet that she asked the assistants to see if she would speak at her baptismal service. She will speak in German? Or maybe she will chicken out and speak in English and have someone translate for her. 
So, the week is exhausting, but we are fulfilled.

Following a few interesting pictures we have captured.

Lunch at the office from an open air market. The sandwich contents are called Frikadellen - it's like a flat pan-fried meatball. Very tasty.
You can buy contact lenses in the store without a prescription like you do reading glasses in the U.S. 
Christmas Decorations on Sale in the Metro Cash and Carry (kind of a Sam's Club type store)


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    1. Generally St. Nicholaus is dressed as a Catholic bishop, and traditionally his coat was brown. However, we have been told that when Coke started to advertise with a red Santa Claus, St. Nicholaus began to wear red as well. The power of advertising.