Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Couple of Remarkable Experiences

Cover from new Church self-reliance program
The church has begun introducing a program to help people become self-reliant. This is being introduced world-wide. We have welfare services missionaries here in Frankfurt who are support this program in Europe. We were listening to a presentation on this program at church last Sunday, and at one point, there was a short video from President Uchtdorf of the 1st Presidency. As we listened to President Uchtdorf, Elder Kirk received a remarkable spiritual witness that this the the vehicle to prepare all latter day saints to become a Zion people -- one heart, one mind, and no poor among them. The Lord says in Doctrine and Covenants 104:15-16

15 And it is my purpose to provide for my saints, for all things are mine.

16 But it must needs be done in mine own way; and behold this is the way that I, the Lord, have decreed to provide for my saints, that the poor shall be exalted, in that the rich are made low.

We came away inspired. There is so much poverty in the world, including among the members of the church. This material teaches men how to fish and then encourages all members to help one another achieve self-reliance. The materials and information are available online at Self Reliance Services.

The second thing that happened is that Elder Kirk and Elder Newman were called to administer to a young man from Ukraine who now lives in Norway but is here with his mother seeking treatment for a genetic disorder that has completely destroyed his bone marrow. He receives a blood transfusion weekly to stay alive, but the repeated transfusions have resulted in a dangerous accumulation of iron that is wreaking havoc with his internal organs. They came here seeking a bone marrow transplant because there was no good genetic match available in Norway. He has been awaiting a transplant for 3 1/2 years. They pray and have faith, and he wanted a blessing. She is a convert and he was born in the church and baptized at age 10. He is now 18, and they feel it is a blessing that he has lived this long, especially since his marrow quit producing red cells.

As we administered to him, we promised him through the power of the priesthood that he has a mission and purpose in life and that he would live to complete that mission as he exercises faith and trust in God. There was a sweet spirit present for all of us.

We are so blessed to be here and have this opportunity to serve and love people.

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