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Miltenberg, March 19, 2016

The old city from the bridge over the river
Miltenberg is a short drive west from Frankfurt in Lower Franconia which is part of the German state of Bavaria. The town in small, medieval in character, and made for walking. It is pressed into a narrow bit of land between the Main River and the hills of the Odenwald. Across the river is mostly modern expansion of the city on the edge of a region called the Spessart. The town depends heavily on tourism, but it is not overly developed, and the tourists are mostly day visitors from the large cities to the west like Frankfurt and Hanau. The 13th century castle above the town (behind the two-spired church) belongs to the city. A portion of it has been restored and houses a museum. Unfortunately, it was closed the day we were here.

It was cold and damp the day of our visit, but we enjoyed it anyway. Janet and Sister Newman shopped some of the stores. It was small enough that Elder Newman and Jeff could wander about as they wished and not get lost of permanently separated from the rest of the group.
View from the wall of the castle

Hard to get just the right picture, but this was a favorite
Some of the front portion is restoration. The tower and other parts behind the restoration are just ruins.

Elder and Sister Newman
Jeff was freezing
Wouldn't want to walk down this when the stream is full
Someone with a sense of humor posted this sentry near the gate
The gate in the background is the one guarded by our skeletal friend
The riverfront is nice for walking

The bridge was senselessly destroyed by German forces at the end of World War II when it made no difference at all in the outcome.
Square below the castle. The fountain was decorated for Easter.

We love the old ornate signs

The town has strong Catholic roots and many homes are decorated with religious statuary.

A butcher shop on the street level of this building from the 1400s

Lots of half timbered houses

Sign for the Hotel zum Riesen with a star of David (Hotel of the Giants)
Steep path up to the castle from the city center

Need to catch my breath already

Pathway up to a park and garden on the hillside
Doors on ancient city hall

Town was repeatedly flooded by the Main. High water marks for centuries carved in the sandstone of the doorways of the old city hall
Spires of the Church of St. Jakobus
Interior of the church was simple

We could see our breath in the church. We have only been in one heated church. Our church buildings are heated and much more warm and inviting. I hope they get the heat on for services in these old buildings.
We love the ornate doors
This is a small Protestant church. It looks big outside, but the interior was very small.
One of the old gates to the city
Cemeteries are usually beautiful places like formal gardens. This is the old Jewish cemetery in Miltenberg. 
We loved this bit of "grafitti." We saw this on the drive to Miltenberg in Offenbach.

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