Monday, May 30, 2016

Some things that make us smile

Apparently witches are fast at delivering packages in their minivans
We could do an entire post on advertising. Some things just strike an American as humorous. Some of the advertising is puzzling (a couple in a bathtub filled with suds that advertises cigarettes, for example - we don't get it). Some of it is embarrassing. We wonder what parents tell their children about some of the posters they see. Let's just say that the standard for what is acceptable for public display is considerably more liberal than in the U. S.
It was cool but sunny at this lunch time cafe.
We love eating outdoors at these cafes. What a pleasant way to have lunch with someone wonderful.
Giant poppy

Looks like an azalea, but not quite
Flowers are everywhere. Living in a large, busy city, it is amazing how much greenery and flowering plants there are. Bushes and trees all bloom. The smell of lavender is everywhere. Beautiful roses are growing in lots of gardens. Peonies (which we can't grow in Texas) are spectacular.
Add in the bank covers every life situation
Jeff goes to the bank to make deposits or replenish our petty cash fund periodically. This stack of brochures explains how Commerzbank can serve you in every situation - living together (noteworthy that there is no brochure for marriage - sadly, marriage is waning as an institution here, too), having children, inheritance, retirement, career growth, changing jobs, divorce or separation, etc. They also offer premiums for opening an account like soccer shirts, grills, etc. Nevertheless, the banking system is superb. We have to admit that online banking here is ahead of the US. The clerk Jeff usually deals with is a Tabernacle Choir fan and has visited Salt Lake City. He is working on him.

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