Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Michelstadt, 10 September 2016

Old City Hall in Michelstadt
We love Michelstadt. This is a small city not too far from Frankfurt in the Odenwald (the Oden Forest). The old city is surrounded by a medieval wall that is nearly intact, and the center of the old city is this city hall which was first built in 1484. One of the large wood posts you can see underneath the structure has the date carved into it. We visited the town with our usual group of senior couple friends. It was a beautiful day with blue skies and cool temperatures. A member of our mission presidency grew up in Michelstadt and loves this place. We were here once before at night for their Christmas market and loved it.

A fitting metaphor for our mission experience which is sprinting past.

Grapes are ready for harvest - these growing on the side of a building

You can visit the castle grounds but all of it is private residence. We would like an apartment here.

Picturesque, quiet place

The ravages of time and weather

He has lost his nose

We need more window boxes in the U. S.

Elder Newman may have scaled a wall to walk on the bridge

Germany is full of walking paths
This house contains a ceramic shop. The owner was emptying the kiln and Elder Snapp was asking questions a mile a minute.

This basilica is now empty, but it was built in 827.

Original ceiling beams. An interesting feeling standing in this empty space that was once a place of worship.

Germans love these models and we find them at most historical sites
The docent at the basilica took our picture. Left to right - Elder and Sister Jarrard, Elder and Sister Markle, the two of us, Elder and Sister Newman, Elder and Sister Snapp, and Elder and Sister Mumm
Part of a dry moat along the old city wall

Diebsturm (Thieves' Tower) used in the middle ages as a jail

Long shot of the moat and wall

Now that's a narrow walkway between two buildings

Love this kind of stained glass

The organ lofts in most churches are beautiful

Flowers are still beautiful in the early fall

The Hotel Three Rabbits

Look closely and you can see the rabbits

An important sign to know and look for

We just never get tired of this

The better half of the companionship

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