Saturday, October 22, 2016

Regensburg Weekend, 2-3 September 2016

A German Parthenon

We spent the Labor Day weekend with a large group of senior couples in Regensburg. It is in the far southeastern corner of our mission. President and Sister Stoddard were able to join us for a rare down day and enjoy a river cruise on the Danube from Regensburg to Walhalla. This huge classic temple was inspired by a desire to restore some sense of pride and dignity to the German people after suffering humiliating defeat at the hands of Napoleon and the French. Napolean dismantled the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nations which had been in place for centuries, drew a firm line between church and state, and controlled portions of Germany for a time. It was conceived in 1807 by Crown Prince Ludwig in order to support the then-gathering momentum for the unification of the many German states. Following his accession to the throne of Bavaria, construction took place between 1830 and 1842. It was supposed to support gathering momentum for the unification of the many German states, which finally occurred in the 1870s. It's impressive, but a little weird to our sense. 

Regensburg is a lovely medieval city on the upper reaches of the Danube and has been a major port for centuries. Unlike many German cities, it was spare much of the devastation of war. 

Jeff was probably laughing at something Elder Jarrard said

Elder Jarrard - we miss his sense of humor

Elder Snapp - we are in a train station. He loves anything mechanical.

Sister Jarrard -- we miss this sunny smile, too

Elder and Sister Newman - our constant companions for a year

More beautiful every day

Elder and Sister Markle - replacing the Newmans. We're happy to have them here.
These pigeons found a bucket of water in the train station. They were not on the roof, family.
Rathaus clock tower - couldn't get back far enough to get it in.

Beautiful doors
A little more of the old Rathaus (City Hall)
Medieval tower house built on Roman foundations

Cathedral towers. The neo-Gothic towers were a 19th century addition

Protestant church near our hotel

Beautiful courtyard of a hotel - not ours

A piece of the 12th century city wall which forms the back of the Historic Sausage Kitchen - we all agree, they have the best mustard on the planet

The Danube in the heart of the city
Front of the cathedral. We happened in when a small service of nuns was taking place. The singing was lovely.
Janet is enamored with doors

The chalk markings are on lots of doors and are associated with a Catholic celebration related to the wisemen and the Feast of the Epiphany. They can stand for the wise men of tradition (Caspar, Melchior, Balthazar) or the Latin Christus Mansionem Benedicat which mean May Christ bless this home.

The stone work flanking the door is exquisite
Jeff likes the stained glass

This was an especially beautiful window in the late afternoon sun
The high altar is an incredible work of medieval artisanship
Following are some shots from our trip down the Danube to Walhalla. It was a great day for the river and for the visit to Walhalla, although the hike from the river up the site ended in a great sweat.
Our good friends the Mumms and Newman on the boat
Climbing the glass stairs

The Snapps and Jarrards. Elder and Sister Ricks were along, too. He is standing in the green shirt.

Fantastic weather this day
Walhalla as we approached the landing
Yes, we walked up the hill and then hundreds of steps
People are sitting at the top because they are worn out

What you find inside is rather surprising
Great views from the steps - the scenery, too

Small private gardens line the near river bank

Hills on the north side and rolling farmland on the south
Busts of famous German leaders, artists, thinkers, etc.

There are about 65 busts in the interior

Interior roof a little gaudy

Completed 18 October 1842

Martin Luther

Ludwig 1, King of Bavaria from a thankful people. They felt compelled to make him look like a Roman emperor.

Ludwig Von Beethoven

Begun 18 October 1830

Dedicated to those who stood up to Nazi tyranny
Re-approaching Regensburg

The steamer on the river front is actually a museum
A depiction of the states making up the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nations

Tower at the foot of the medieval bridge that was part of a warehouse for salt that was being moved up the river

David and Goliath wall mural

Salt warehouse on the right

Inside the clock tower shown above

Elder Markle just polished of an ice cream cone

This bridge has been resurfaced, but it is hundreds of years old

Looking down the Danube from the clock tower

Side view of the historic sausage kitchen. It's a busy place for tourists and locals
We loved this outing with good people. We talked to people about the gospel, distributed pass along cards, and invited people to learn more. President Stoddard is one of our best missionaries He is always asking. We are trying to do better and better at being ambassadors for Christ.


  1. Beautiful photos. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely tour.

    1. Glad we can share a small part of our experience. Thanks for following our adventure.