Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sad to Say Goodbye 31 May 2017

Janet and Sister Haylee Jameson
Missionary life seems to be measured in "transfers." About every six weeks, a new group arrives and a group goes home. This transfer is the last for President and Sister Stoddard. We love them, and saying goodbye will be especially hard. President Jacob Boyer and his family arrive June 29, and the Stoddards leave right after that.

This transfer was also the end of the mission experience for some young men and women we deeply love. We love them all, but there are some that we get to know better because they serve in Frankfurt or in a leadership role in the mission. Sister Jameson above was in Frankfurt for a while, and we grew to love and appreciate her commitment and testimony. Following are pictures of some others we bade goodbye this past Wednesday night.

Elder William Walker is from South Carolina. He was in Frankfurt when we arrived, and his German was atrocious, but he was determined to learn. He was extremely successful during his mission. He and his companions in Frankfurt taught and baptized many Iranians.

Elder Michael Evans was a zone leader in Frankfurt and then served many months as an assistant to the President. He is fearless and shared his love for the Savior with everyone he saw. 
Lucas Frey has been home for a while, but he came to say goodbye to his companion Elder Walker (he was his trainer). Elder Frey is German, and he served in the office with us, too. It was wonderful to see him again. 
A group was all in the office at one time, and we took this picture in the kitchen. We love having them drop in, and Elder Markle keeps a supply of peanut M&Ms handy for them (and for him).

In the office kitchen - Elder Scott Hughes, Elder Connor Stiles, Elder Michael Evans, Elder Kyle Ault, Elder Samuel Graf (arrived the day this picture was taken), Elder Zachary Jones, Elder Christopher Allan
Elder John Penrod and Elder Connor Stiles are best friends and worked in the office with us - Elder Penrod was a "tech elder" for many months. We love these two, and they both went home this transfer.
John Penrod, Connor Stiles, Hayden Blanchard in our apartment. Who can resist loving these wonderful young people?
Elder Stiles with his parents and sister. What a nice family.
John Penrod and Connor Stiles with us. These two were in our apartment often. 
Elder Steven Sommer was a zone leader in Frankfurt. 
Office Elders we love - John Penrod, Connor Stiles, Zachary Jones, Robert Merkley, and Michael Evans. These are young men of great integrity and have great futures ahead of them.
We are amazed at the maturity displayed by these young men and women.They serve with distinction. They boldly testify of Jesus Christ and His restored gospel. They deal with fatigue, homesickness, and rejection, but they keep smiling and they keep looking for those who want to know a better way. God bless them now and in the future.

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