Sunday, September 6, 2015

Leaving Home

We left our home in Houston in mid-August, even though we don't report to the Missionary Training Center in Provo until September 7. The early departure was hard to manage, and we left feeling that there were a few things left undone, but it has given us several sweet opportunities.

  1. We were able to visit wonderful Aunt Marguerite, 93 years old and going strong.
    With Aunt Miggs in front of her garden
  2. We visited our dear friends Robert and Patty Ruggles -- our fellow missionaries. Their love for their mission and their enthusiasm were infectious.
    With Robert and Patty in their SLC apartment
  3. We attended BYU Education Week and were edified, inspired, and instructed in a wonderful week of lectures and presentations. 
  4. We met and had dinner with dear friends Ward and Crystal Molen and Walter and Crystina Scott. They are friends from before we were married. We love them. They still make us laugh.
  5. We went to California for a long weekend and a wonderful visit with Chris, Mandi, Peyton, Gavin, and Austin. It was even better because we were able to spend Saturday in Clovis with Brad and Shirley. Our nephew Ethan was there with his wife Alice and their little girl Emi. And our sweet niece Lindy was there with her husband Jay and their two boys Jacob and Corbin. It was a wonderful day of great food, swimming, and backyard pool. The only blemish on the day was that Janet was terribly ill and had to remain in Tehachapi, so she missed the whole day. 
    I love my brother

    Austin is a delight

    Chris, Gavin, Austin, Peyton, Mandi

    Brain trust

    We will miss Brad and Shirley
  6. After our weekend in California, we returned to Provo and spent two days in "immersion" training in German. We appreciate the young men and women who work at the Missionary Training Center and their commitment to help us become more proficient in the language. We are more excited than ever about our mission and anxious now to get to Germany and get to work.
  7. We spent lots of time with grandchildren here in Utah, including a Saturday morning hike in the Wasatch mountains.
  8. Rachel shines from within

    Chinns on the trail

    With my sweet daughter

    Lunch break at Stewart Falls

    All tuckered out after walking 3 miles

    Callie having fun with Grandma

    Brighton's big grim
We enter the MTC tomorrow. On this final Sunday with our kids, we will attend church meetings with David and Rachel and then have dinner with Todd and Kristi. Kristi's dad and step-mom are here for a visit, too, so we have the extra privilege of seeing them.

We miss our other children and grandchildren, but as we prepare to leave the US and head to Germany, we go with anticipation and no regrets for this decision to serve the Lord and help others to come to Christ. 


  1. Anyone who knows Jeff will appreciate the thoroughness of these blog comments and photos. Great looking family. Best Wishes for your two-year assignment. -scw

  2. You will be missed, but what an adventure and important work. I'll be watching and prayer for you. Much love from the Bonin family

  3. So enjoy seeing pictures of your family!