Friday, September 25, 2015

Settling In - We're Here!

View from our kitchen window
Frankurt is a beautiful city - our apartment is cozy and well equipped with all manner of household necessities. We have a king sized bed (yeah!) and we are on the 8th floor so the views are stunning, especially at dusk. Just below us across the parking lot is the building that houses all the Europe Area offices and the over 30 senior missionary couples that work for the area.  They also stay in our apartment building so we have met several of them in the lobby and on the elevator.

On Wednesday, after about 15 hours on the plane (one change in Atlanta), President Stoddard and his wife picked us up and drove us straight to the mission office to orient us. Keeping my eyes open was tricky! We met the other couples in the office and had a nice lunch together. Finally, about 4pm they drove us to our apartment and we were able to unpack. That night, the other 2 mission office couples (one only comes in 1-2 days a week) took us out to dinner for schnitzel, delicious! We were exhausted but were assured it was best to stay up as long as possible the first day to help us get acclimated. Even still, I've (mom) woken up every night so far at 3sh and stayed awake for a couple of hours. One senior sister told me it took her about 5 months to feel normal again! 

Geraniums and skyline

Yesterday we attended a zone conference in Offenbach, a Frankfurt suburb about 20 minutes away. We were so impressed with the character and quality of all the elders and sisters. Their commitment, knowledge and love for the work was evident in their comments and countenances. Special musical numbers were performed by the young missionaries and we were touched with the power of music to bring the Spirit. There is lots of talent here in these young people! We had nothing to do but listen and visit as the local Relief Society served a taco lunch and the President and assistants conducted and taught the meetings. Sis. Edmunds (a.k.a. The Food Nanny on KSLTV, Salt Lake) is on a mission here with her husband serving as Real Estate missionaries for the area and travel all over Europe. She gave the missionaries a lesson on meal planning and taught us how to make baguettes in 45 minutes and pizza crust in 5. She is an outgoing, enthusiastic wonder and was very entertaining! Elder Kirk was also trained on car inspections as we will be doing that at each zone conference.
We walked to the grocery store and stocked our kitchen when we got home. 

Here are some tour pictures of the apartment:

Entryway, front door on the right at the end.
Other cabinets in the wall for utility items
Cozy kitchen off the entryway
View of living area from balcony door, Janet in the entryway
Dish cupboard and cabinets with pamphlets and books 
Ikea is popular here
Wardrobes for hanging clothes, large dresser to the right
We love our new digs and are beginning to feel right at home. As the newbies, we get lots of attention and advice which we enjoy. Elder Kirk is using his excellent German skills and impresses all he speaks to while I am still at the kindergarten stage. I am anxious to begin a regular routine of study again soon. Most of the other wives have not really needed the language so haven't learned it and rely on their husbands who have been on previous German speaking missions but I would like to at least make the effort.  Several times so far I have wished to speak to people and felt frustrated with my lack of confidence. Prayers, please.  

Today, we helped the Newman's serve lunch to the MLC or Mission Leadership Council of Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders and President and Sister Stoddard. They were all delightful and enjoyed spaghetti casserole, garlic bread, salad and cookies. 

Tomorrow, the other office couple, the Newman's, will take us on a sightseeing outing to Rüdesheim am Rhein, a quaint, typical city on the Rhein (Rhine) River. Lots of shopping will be done :) and pictures will follow in our next post. We'll also take pass along cards and the courage to share them while we're there.
Missing and loving all! Now that we are online again, we are anxious to hear about you and yours. Emails or post comments are much appreciated.


  1. What a wonderful adventure! You are going to do great things there! I didn't get a chance to thank you for your gift before you left, thank you!! What is your email? Love, Kelia

  2. Hi, Kelia! Email is Where did you move? Still in Houston? J.