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Bamberg, Northern Franconia, November 12, 2016

Bamberg Townhall in the middle of the Regnitz River
We should have posted this a long time ago -- time just doesn't allow for this blog. We spent a wonderful Saturday in November with senior missionary friends in Bamberg. The old city is from the middle ages with many updates. The historic town hall was built in the middle of a branch of the Regnitz River on oak pilings because the local Catholic bishop, who had secular power as well, refused to give the town council land for a city hall. He was apparently afraid of competition for power. The local tourist information office rents audio devices for a 17-stop walking tour of the old city. The devices are GPS enabled, so we followed the map on the device and listened to narration at each stop, including inside the cathedral. We spent about 5 hours strolling around the old city and then finished the day with dinner in a nice Italian restaurant.

River channeled between buildings is apparently also a kayak course.
Clock tower of the city hall

Town hall walls are covered with Baroque paintings

The 18th century folks loved this type of decoration

The columns are painted - not actual columns. The paintings depict mythological stories or events from German legend

The art isn't spectacular, but it is impressive that it covers the entire side of the building

Not sure what this depicts, either. The narration wasn't that detailed.

Hard to see, but there are legs or other parts of cherubs protruding from the painting just to the right of center. That is another baroque fashion that seems odd.

It was cold that day. In fact, snow started to fall late in the afternoon - just a little.

Sister and Elder Markle. Elder Markle is a gadget guy, so he really liked the GPS device.
Bamberg is referred to as Little Venice -- a substantial part of the old city sits on an island between two branches of the Regnitz
The baroque Neptune statue is a well-known landmark but is called the Gabelmann locally which means the Fork Man

A more modern bronze called Woman Lying with Frucht by Fernando Botero 

Bull on the facade of a building on the riverfront

Centurion I by Igor Mitoraj, a Polish sculptor. It appears to attract a row of pigeons.

Baroque statue on the island with the town hall
The Meeting -- made us laugh
Catholic church in the Green Market called St. Martin

Quiet and sort of warm

Lots of color in the baroque churches

Behind the main altar this elaborate installation

A side altar

Ceiling of the dome painted so that if you are seated in the pews it looks like you are looking at an angle -- a unique perspective
Beautifully painted 18th century residence

Detail from the facade of the baroque residence

Carefully restored houses of medieval fishermen are now high end residences

Walking area (or Fussgänger Zone)

All of the windows of this hotel had beautiful window boxes

Elder Snapp and Elder Markle trying to get the whole story from the audio devices
St Christopher on the exterior of a former Kloster (monastery)
Towers of the Bamberg cathedral

Large palace to the right is the 17th century home of the archbishop

2016 was proclaimed by the current pope to be a year of mercy and this is the mercy gate for the cathedral

Spectacular wood carving from the middle ages for this triptych.

Oldest art work in the cathedral

Scene of martyrdom of early Christian

Gruesome depictions 

Bavaria has some beautiful woodcarving

Close up of the lower panel of the above triptych

The thumb is broken, but this sarcophagus lid was very lifelike carved marble
The Catholic bishop at rest now for centuries

Another entrance flanked by statures of apostles and Adam and Eve

The statues are weathered

Frieze above the door depicting the final judgment with Christ in the center, the righteous on His right and the wicked  on his left.

Entry with the final judgment depicted above the door meant to represent a portal to heaven or hell

Interesting relief above a gate

Gateway to an inner courtyard
View from a rose garden over the red roofs of the old city

We want one of these for home

Organ loft of another baroque church

Late afternoon sun on the main altar

White marble statues

Carved baptismal font

Ceiling panel

Typical baroque fittings with angels protruding from the wall

Nice Italian place with a fun proprietor

End of the day discussion before we head for home. Ahh, it was a good day.

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