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Limburg an der Lahn, 21 Jan 2017

Limburg Cathedral completed in 1235
We joined 4 other couples for a P-day in Limburg an der Lahn about an hour north of Frankfurt toward Cologne. The old city is quaint and small enough to be fun to walk. It was freezing this morning. When we arrived it was 19 degrees. Jeff stopped to use an unheated public restroom on the cathedral hill and came out with hands the temperature of the glacier water in the sink. The cathedral was built early enough that it's architecture is Romanesque rather than the usual Gothic. The exterior was stripped of its medieval plaster and color in the Romantic period of the late 1800s when they couldn't imagine that these people in the middle ages had all of this color and plaster on buildings. When restoration work was done in the 1970s, the exterior plaster was replaced with the original colors. The interior had been covered with wall paintings that had been painted over. Those were uncovered, and while most are faded, there is one of St. George that is still quite vibrant.
Two young girls agreed to take our picture. From left to right, the Mumms, Markles, Kirks, Kays, and Snapps
These vaults are awe-inspiring, especially when you realize they were erected without modern cranes in the 1200s

Long part of the central nave
St. George on one of the 12 massive pillars supporting the roof

Medieval family tree

Faded painting of Christ handing Peter keys
Count Konrad Kurzbold's memorial grave dates to the 11th century. Shown as a young man with his eyes wide open expressing a belief in eternal life and him being young forever in eternity.  

Madonna and child from Mainz around 1750

Stained glass is 20th century, but beautiful

There was a large display in the back corner of the cathedral with hand carved pieces from Oberammergau.

The manger was empty and the sign reads, "The Flight to Egypt"

Joseph, Mary and child on the way to Egypt
After we visited the cathedral, we did a little shopping in the old city and then found our way to Schwarzer Adler (The Black Eagle) inn for lunch. Time for real German food!
Left to right: Kirks, Kays, Mumms, Markles, Snapps
Janet's choice - she's gone native! Pork loin stuffed with dried meat, sauerkraut, and pickles with a side of fried potatoes. 
Jeff's choice - the daily special of Schnitzel (pork cutlet) with SpƤtzle (dumplings). Delicious.
One of the most ornate buildings in the old city

Not an optical illusion. The top part of the building leans out toward the street.

Narrow streets confined to pedestrian traffic

Love the face just under the peak of the roof.

House built in 1670 lovingly restored in 1999. the two crests are from the original owners.

Some of the houses look like they may topple into the street.

Almost narrow enough to touch opposite walls while standing in the middle of the street. You can see why fire was the great fear in cities in the middle ages (besides black death or having a chamber pot emptied on your head). 

Now a restaurant in what was the fish market

Other buildings fronting the fish market

Interesting fountain. In warm weather, he is drinking continuously from the wine barrel hoisted over his head.
An old post box still in use. Pickup from this box Monday through Friday at 8:00am.

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