Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Trip to the Zeil

Inside one of the malls. Jeff was disappointed that he didn't get to ride the 5-story escalator.
One day last week we paid a visit to the largest shopping area in Frankfurt. We went with Elder and Sister Newman after work. The car stayed in the garage at the mission office, and we took the subway a few stops to the Zeil. It is a large pedestrian mall downtown and is lined with stores and indoor malls. It reminded me of the Ginza in Tokyo. There were lots of people strolling. Street vendors were selling everything from hot dogs to helium filled balloons. Have you ever seen a hot dog vendor carrying his grill like a set of snare drums in a marching band? We were trying to figure out how he kept from singeing the front of his shirt, but at least he was warm. The temperature was in the 40s and it was damp.

We didn't find much there to purchase, but it was interesting to see the masses of people. And we found a really good Thai restaurant in one of the large indoor malls.

Our missionaries hold street displays in places like this when they can get permission. We generally have to pay for a permit and register with the city, but the officials are reasonably cooperative as long as we pay the 20€.
Ultra modern architecture. Rain runs off the glass roof into this big things that look like glass funnels and collects under the building somewhere or goes into storm drains. 

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