Wednesday, October 28, 2015

More Dental Trouble

So, after all of the dental work in Houston, Janet had a crown come out and a tooth attached to the appliance she has been wearing broke off. She called Sister Castleton, the mission nurse, and she recommended a dentist where they speak English. Sister Fingerle said that medical assistants, hygienists, nurses, doctors, and dentists are always the worst patients because they think they need to be involved and give everyone instructions. Jeff was hoping for limited German in the office, but when we went this afternoon, they treated Janet really well and spoke English. They re-cemented the crown and made an impression with her appliance in so that it can be repaired. We go back Friday morning to pick it up and hope that it fits.

Jeff enjoyed himself reading the children's books in the waiting area, including this one about the bear family who went to the dentist. In this page, Dr. Katz looks in Mama Bear's mouth with a little mirror at each tooth and finds that all of her teeth are in good shape. Mama Bear Kirk's teeth are not "in Ordnung."

While he waited for Janet, a man from some Balkan country (maybe Albania) came in with his little girl. He spoke some limited German, but the little girl spoke none. She was wearing a headscarf, so we assume they were Muslim. Jeff wished he could have taken her picture -- she was beautiful and had a radiant smile. Her father was a youngish man who was really loving and attentive to her. Jeff really wanted to talk to them, but the language was a barrier.


  1. Poor mom! those darn teeth and her back. Hope that crown stays put!

    1. The crown seems to be well seated. Next we see if they can fix her "flipper." Love you.