Sunday, October 11, 2015

Settling into our Neighborhood

Porthstrasse 11 - Our home
This is our apartment building. The elevators have a plate that says that they were installed in 1968, so I assume that the building dates from that period. It is in good condition and the apartments have obviously been renovated. At least, ours has. The wing that protrudes directly toward us when we took this picture is our wing. If you count 7 balconies up from the ground, that's ours. We have flower boxes full of geraniums on the balcony that are doing well, but it is definitely getting colder, and we aren't sure how long they will last.
Nice park that is walking distance from our apartment
We have taken the opportunity to go for a walk in the evening after we get back from the mission office (not Monday or Thursday since we are involved with FHE and Institute for Young Single Adults those evenings). We found a footpath that led through private gardens and ended in this park. Private gardens are leased by residents as a place to get outside, grow something, and enjoy fresh air. This park is next to an elementary school, and it is beautiful. We love the neighborhood. It is quaint and cozy. One odd thing to us is that very few people are out in the evening. We have most of these spaces to ourselves. Janet keeps asking, where does everyone go?

One of private garden gates had this sign. Even though it is in German, the message is clear.


  1. Not here! I love the blog. Enjoying your adventure from the comfort of home.

  2. Thanks for the update. Though brief, it did provide some good information. I trust you plan to publish this journal upon your return to the States?!? If so, we'd love a copy. Only way for us to do this is vicariously through you.

    1. Have more pictures from the weekend, but haven't had time to put them up. Thinking about you and Linda and hope you are doing well.

  3. Elder Leimer said his mom wrote him about you meetings mg them at church Sunday. He said she couldn't quite figure out how you got a picture of her son on your phone. He enjoyed it very much. He's a great kid and a fine elder. Tell sister Leimer he is doing very well, eats heathy, keeps his room clean and works hard. 😇